Business Guides

Free business guides to help you start or run a business

Business Guides

There is so much knowledge and information required whether you are starting a business or already running one. Acumenology provides free downloadable business guides that are easy to read and simple to understand and hope that this makes your life a bit easier.

We are always adding new guides, so remember to keep coming back and see if there are any that could help.

Business Guides for Startups

General business

  • Increase your Startup's Change of Success

    A framework to help you develop your idea into a suitable business model

  • A Guide to Setting up a Business

    Some important aspects to consider when looking at starting a business

  • The Business Model Canvas Explained

    A guide for a simple one-page business plan that focuses on key elements

  • A Guide to Trademark Registration

    The importance of a trademark and the process of registration

  • A Simple Guide to Understanding Intellectual Property

    An overview of the key elements that constitutes Intellectual Property

  • Understanding the Value of IP in a Business

    The importance of IP in a business

  • The Importance of setting Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics for a Business

    Use GOST to help develop and implement strategies

  • Develop Your Elevator Pitch

    Develop an elevator pitch for your business

  • The GOSTM Framework

    An action plan framework used for strategic planning

  • How to grow your business

    Important tips to consider when thinking of growing your business


  • Getting your WordPress Website Right

    Help to ensure your WordPress website is ready for launch

  • How to Build your Brand

    A step-by-step guide to building a strong and memorable brand

  • Understanding Brand Positioning

    The importance of brand positioning and how to create your own brand

  • Building Digital Brand Awareness

    Components to set up a digital foundation for your brand

  • Creating a Value Proposition

    How to create a value proposition for your business

  • The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

    A simple guide to help you understand the importance of SEO for business

  • Understanding SEO and How to Optimise a Website

    A simple understanding of how SEO works and how to apply it to your website

  • How to Hire a SEO Company

    Get a good understanding of what to do when hiring the services of a SEO company

  • The Importance of a SEO Contract

    The SEO contract is an essential aspect of your relationship with the company

  • Words of Warning on SEO

    Information to alert you to some of the unethical methods you may come across


  • Documents for an Investor Data Room

    Documents to consider when looking for investment

  • Funding Options for Startups

    An extensive look at the various funding options available for startups

  • What Investors Look for in a Startup?

    What investors look for in a startup for seed investment

  • What goes in a Pitch Deck

    A guide to help you develop your pitch deck

  • Understanding Innovate UK grant funding

    A guide to help you decide on whether to apply for grant funding


  • Understanding Cyber Security For Small Businesses

    Understanding the risks of a security breach for your business

  • How To Improve Cyber Security For Your Business

    Ways of improving cyber security quickly and easily

  • GDPR Guide for Small Business

    Understanding GDPR and its implications for your business

  • GDPR Roadmap

    A simple step by step guide to help small businesses manage their compliance

  • Understanding GDPR

    A presentation aimed at increasing the organisations knowledge on GDPR

  • GDPR Management Training

    Information for senior management to increase awareness of their responsibilities under GDPR