About Us

Acumenology created to help entrepreneurs

How we started

Working with businesses we would regularly find entrepreneurs saying “If only we knew then what we know now we could have avoided a lot of costly mistakes.

Thus, Acumenology’s business support service was created to use our extensive experience in running our own businesses and working with entrepreneurs to help those wishing to either start a business or for businesses who are already trading.

We believe in sharing our knowledge to help others so they can avoid mistakes and reach their goals.

Business consulting or business coaching?

At times, the lines between coaching and consulting can get blurred creating a situation that may not provide what your business needs. Thus, you need to determine whether you need a business consultant or business coach.

The difference between consulting and coaching

Business consulting - is where an expert provides professional or technical advice or opinions. The consultant is relied on to identify and understand the problem and present solutions.

Business coaching - is a process that inspires the client to maximise their personal and professional potential with the coach being an expert at coaching not on the client’s subject matter or business.

A coach is like a partner, while a consultant is more like an advisor

At Acumenology we take a hybrid approach. We work collaboratively to identify your challenges and offer present practical solutions. You decide how much help and support is required.

Raj Tandon

Raj is an experienced entrepreneur and business advisor who started his career in advertising before going onto to launch and run several businesses in the property, fashion, marketing and FMCG sectors.

He has extensive experience of working with a wide variety of SME’s businesses helping them address challenges and achieve business goals.

He also has a wealth of knowledge in working with Startups to help develop their business proposition and get ready for funding.

Raj is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed and when not working can be found blowing a whistle on the rugby field or trying to improve his golf

Raj Tandon