About Us

Acumenology, created to help entrepreneurs avoid
costly mistakes and improve their chance of success.

How we started

Acumenology was started by Raj Tandon a serial entrepreneur. Having sold his last business Raj was pondering on ‘what to do next’ and in speaking with fellow entrepreneurs he kept hearing them say, “If only we knew then, what we know now, we would have done things very differently”.

Hindsight is wonderful if we can benefit from it and thus, Acumenology was created to use our extensive experience in running our own businesses and work with entrepreneurs to help avoid costly mistakes and improve the chance of success.

How our name came about

Naming a new company or brand is always fun and challenging so we thought we would share how Acumenology came about. We hope it will make you smile.

Acumen (the ability to make correct judgments: skill in making correct decisions and judgments in business or in a particular area of business) ology (aa science or other branch of knowledge).

Actually, the real inspiration behind adding the ology was a BT advertisement in 1988 with Maureen Lipman. Click on the image or CLICK HERE to play the TV ad and see how the ology came into Acumenology.

How we work

Mentoring or coaching?

Mentoring - the mentor uses knowledge and experience to help the mentee to consider different or new things

Coaching – the coach uses their skill and expertise to help/tease and find the answers that are right for their business

At Acumenology, we take a hybrid approach using a combination of mentoring and coaching and work collaboratively to identify challenges and present practical solutions

Raj Tandon

Raj is an experienced entrepreneur, business advisor and an Innovation & Growth Specialist at Innovate UK EDGE which is part of Innovate UK the UK’s national innovation agency.

He started his career in advertising before going onto to launch and run several businesses in the property, fashion, marketing, and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors.

Raj has a huge amount of experience and a great track record of success as many of his clients will testify.  His strengths are in business strategy and growth, business innovation, sales and marketing, and his collaborative way of working with clients means that they are better placed to move their businesses forward based on his advice and insights.

Raj is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed, and when not working, can be found blowing a whistle on the rugby field or trying to improve his golf and tennis.

Raj Tandon