Touchpoints health


Founded by Dr Alex Almoudaris, is a cloud-based, SaaS communication platform with real-time reporting for the healthcare sector. solves the explicit and real-world problem of patients being discharged from hospital receiving little to no touchpoints about how they are recovering.

Every touchpoint a patient has with a healthcare service is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship, record outcomes, prevent complications, reduce unnecessary re-admissions, and drive greater clinical engagement. aims to bring these interactions into one platform with real-time analytics to maximise insights and patient care.


While Dr Alex Almoudaris has the advantage of over 15 years of medical experience, he admits that “the biggest challenge was taking a concept, turning it into a product and establishing a business from it. With little business experience and spending months on the Internet browsing through the wealth of information available on ‘How to make pitch decks’ and ‘How to create a profitable business’, it was still quite overwhelming and unsettling.”


The business found London Business Hub through an online search for business support. “I was extremely sceptical when the advert offered free business advice; it was too good to be true. I had extremely low expectations, and then I received an email from my business adviser, Raj Tandon, who set out the expectations of joining the support programme.”

After the initial conversation, “I thought this sounds exactly like what I needed, even if it’s just a bit of a conversation or advice as to what my business should go and do, but it was considerably more than that – Raj took the time to understand the business and my skillset. My focus then shifted to identifying how to start building the business. This took the shape of many different things, from talking to patent attorneys, being introduced to relevant people in the sector and discussing aspects like trademarks – none of which had been on my radar – it was very beneficial to be guided and supported that way.”

“The one-to-one support provided was excellent. Raj made me realise that a product isn’t a business; it is about the team of people, finances, good habits of accounting, trademarks, IP, and all of these things that I hadn’t even thought about.”

The most significant benefit of the advice and support from London Business Hub was teaching me that businesses are infinitely more than just a product, service or widget.

“More time has to be invested into developing the business in many other ways. The product and service you deliver are in some respects secondary, because you might have an amazing idea, but in isolation it’s not a business if you have no team to deliver it.”


The impact “has been extremely positive by helping me direct my efforts on what we should focus on in the business. Specifically, Raj signposted me to the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP), which is an extremely competitive programme that helps ambitious companies collaborate with and expand into new markets. The purpose of the specific GBIP we applied for was to explore transatlantic collaborations and incorporate cutting-edge innovation into our business. It came at a poignant moment because we had just finished our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We were looking to onboard technologies beyond our company’s capabilities. With Raj’s guidance, he helped us apply for the programme, and we were delighted to have been accepted into it. Only a dozen other companies or so from the UK are accepted, so it’s certainly transformative for the business to have the opportunity to meet, have conversations and collaborate with other tech companies in the space.”

Furthermore, as a result of success in being selected for the GBIP, has been accepted onto the Innovate UK Edge programme which offers extended business support with a dedicated growth specialist.

Dr Alex Almoudaris continues, “The other significant impact has been working to turn the product into a business. The ability to have someone business-minded who is likely to have seen and heard it all before at the end of a phone or email you can ask for advice has been hugely beneficial.”

On a personal level, for Dr Alex Almoudaris, “to have somebody to reach out to who is entirely independent and doesn’t have any motivation or personal gain, giving you advice has been reassuring. There is a definite element of trust with the sole aim of bettering the company, which I think is rare.


“If you’re a serious business owner, want to develop a business, and are willing to explore different avenues, I recommend that you reach out to the London Business Hub and have an initial conversation; there will be something they can offer that will benefit you and your business.

“I think the best advice would be to give as much time to building the business as you do to the product or service you offer.”

“Without the help of London Business Hub and Raj’s guidance, these opportunities would have never come about.”